We believe that the product can be only as good as the container.


Packaging is one of Nani Agro's key strengths. We integrate with your supply chain to partner your business' back-end to make sure you go to market with a sharper competitive edge. Whatever your packaging needs may be – SKU size, packaging format, design needs, labeling and bar coding – Nani Agro's packaging unit delivers high quality solutions at low cost.

It begins with a design team that analyzes your marketing requirements and creates the packaging solution you need. Whether it is pouches, bottles, boxes or HDPE bags, our high capacity packaging lines can churn out the quantities as per the production plan you require, while ensuring that the essence of the product is remains intact for long periods. The automated weighing and sealing machines ensure high speed production of all SKUs. Our Domino Coding system can handle batch number, best before and date of packing coding.

To conclude, our focus is to create a packaging infrastructure that behaves like it is a part of your company, and delivers according your high production standards.

We would love to know how our packaging solutions can fit your needs.

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