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Spread over a 4,50,000 sq ft ( 41,800 square meters ) facility, Nani Agro's state-of-the-art production facility conforms to world-class quality standards. At no stage do products come into contact with human hands which ensures that the zero-tolerance safety standards are continuously met. It helps that our facilities are at an elevation of 1000 ft, in a pristine pollution free environment. Fresh air, pure water and a rich soil are just some of the ingredients that Mother Nature provides. We add to this our expertise in world-class production standards.

Quality Standards are constantly enforced by Quality Control and Quality Assurance Laboratories that are Agmark certified and employ a Sensory Evaluation Panel to evaluate flavor notes of products. Multiple quality checks and balances are applied to ensure that the product that we send out to you delights you and your customers.

In-house Research and Development laboratories conform to international standards and form the heart of the innovation at Nani Agro. It is here that better spice blends are arrived at, keeping in mind consumer tastes and trends. With a clear focus on building our expertise in the field, R&D assumes great importance in our lives at Nani. Our scientists and technicians are defining the future of our business even as you read this.

Manufacturing begins with procurement of high-quality farm grade raw spices which are put through an intensive milling, sifting and metal detection process through stainless steel body equipment to remove extraneous material while retaining elements that add flavor. Our equipment includes high-end cleaning machines from Buhler, a fumigation chamber, drum type roasters with digital controls and an integrated packaging unit.

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