We’re here to make food taste better. After all, great taste knows no boundaries!


At Nani, we deliver unmatched value. Our confidence in our abilities stems from clear areas of superiority as mentioned below


Where the spices is grown impacts its favour. So we look for areas of the highest quality spice from that region.


We wait until a new crop comes and source the finest new crop for our productions.


We use traditional & modern processing techniques like careful grinding, to retain as much as flovour and aroma as possible.


The fresher the spice, the more intense the favour we grind new crop, fresh & clean spices.


We take care of a number of things to maintain purity. From using better quantity spices, from laboratory control to pre cleaning, fine cleaning, de stoning, grading, sorting by color and grading by size.

Superiority in Blending

The magic of Indian spices comes alive when they are blended in just the right proportions. When these blends become part of recipes, they lend food its distinctive taste. At Nani, we understand how best to blend masalas. An average Indian meal uses more spices than cuisines from most parts of the world. Most of dishes use a blend of spices. Being a country with strong regional flavors, the spices vary widely every few hundred kilometres.

At Nani, we understand Indian culinary traditions and recipes. Our research laboratory draw upon this traditional wisdom to constantly innovate, bringing you the taste of India in its truest form.

Expertise in Packaging

At Nani Agro we believe that the product can only be as good as its container. Our aim is for our expertise in packaging to become part of your extended supply chain infrastructure. We understand that market needs evolve with time and need an agile team to quickly turn around packaging needs as and when your market dynamics demands it.

Indeed, whatever your packaging needs may be, from design to manufacture, our team of dedicated packaging professionals will work with your team to create packaging solutions. Our understanding of international markets and their packaging norms helps us understand the complexities involved.

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