We’re here to make food taste better. After all, great taste knows no boundaries!

Nani - The Brand

The Nani story begins in 1970 when entrepreneur Shri Hari Poddar founded a business venture that was to grow into a multi-specialty spice trading house with business partners located the world over. What began with 2 brands in the turmeric segment is now capable of providing spices, spice powders and blends in a large range.

If you ask us of our Vision of Excellence, it is a simple one. We would like that we bring a smile to the face of every customer who has partnered us in delivering great taste through the spices we painstakingly create.

The key to our success is the relationships we've built over the years. Not unlike preparing the perfect dish, our relationships have been carefully nurtured, with the right ingredients of commitment, quality and cost-effectiveness that continue to delight the partners we work with.

How about we get started forging a strong relationship?



Passionate ownership & determination to deliver


To become a true contributor in elevating indian Spieces to the Zenith


Turning creative ideas into effective business solutions


Individuals play the game, but unified teams win the goal set.

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